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Dr. Timothy Foley has become known for excellence in evidence-based orthodontic treatment in London, Ontario and the surrounding Middlesex County communities since 2002.

Dr. Meena Wilde graduated from the orthodontic program at Western University and brings with her the latest orthodontic treatment technique.

Our team takes pride in providing the highest quality of orthodontic care for patients of all ages in a professional and friendly atmosphere. We accomplish this high standard of quality care through teamwork, continuing professional education, and dedication to outstanding patient care. In combination with our patients’ participation, our progressive and caring style enables us to achieve aesthetic and functional results that they will enjoy for lifetime of smiles.

Dr. Timothy Foley
Dr. Timothy FoleyCertified Orthodontist
Dr. Meena Wilde
Dr. Meena WildeCertified Orthodontist

Orthodontic Services in London ON

Advanced Orthodontic Treatment

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State-of-the-art Technology

  • iTero® digital impression system
  • Digital intraoral radiographs, panoramic radiographs, and cephalometric radiographs
  • Opal® Seal keeps brackets securely in place and improves overall enamel health

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Dr. Foley, Dr. Wilde and our team work hard each and every day to make sure our patients receive the level of care they deserve, with caring, compassionate treatment. We do whatever it takes to see you smile!


We go the extra mile to see you smile!

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Frequently asked questions

Orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics or orthodontia, is a specific form of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misplaced or poorly positioned teeth as well as facial abnormalities.

Although many assume that orthodontists and dentists are quite similar, their roles are quite different. A dentist will focus on the health of teeth, the mouth, jaw, gums and nerves found in this region, whereas an orthodontist’s focus is a little more specialized. An orthodontist is a dental professional or specialist

whose primary focus is to straighten misaligned teeth. They will work to diagnose and prevent malpositioned teeth and develop treatment plans specific to the patient. Orthodontists are dentists who have had additional 2-3 years of specialized training after becoming a dentist.

The right age to start visiting an orthodontic professional can vary depending on the patient. The Canadian Association of Orthodontists suggests that children should have their first visit around the age of 7. However, this is not a firm age, as some dentists may recommend a consultation earlier. It’s also important to note that braces and orthodontic treatments are not unique to children and teens. Orthodontic treatment can begin at any age depending on the patient’s needs

What Do Our Clients Love About Foley – Wilde Orthodontics?

“Dr.Foley and his staff are very friendly and kind. They always make you smile and are helping you make your smile even better! The first time I arrived at the orthodontist, I was scared and didn’t know what they were going do to me, but Dr.Foley and his staff made me worry less and made me feel comfortable.”

Michelle C, Your Content Goes Here

“Usually when you go to the orthodontist you are nervous because you don’t know what the people that work there will be like to you or for another reason you could be scared of something else when you go there. But when I went there dr. Foley made me comfortable, the people that worked there were nice, and made me smile. So if you need braces I suggest you go to dr. Foley. He will fix your teeth :)”

Natalie R , Your Content Goes Here

“i love how Dr.Foley and his staff are so nice and friendly so i can feel comfortable. i also love how they give out the best snacks in their office. and at the most obvious point of view Dr. Foley is the best orthodontist of all!”

Emma W. , Your Content Goes Here

The best in the business! Dr. Foley and Dr. Wilde have cultivated a wonderful, caring and fun team that are a pleasure to work with. Staff are all very friendly and accommodating and have made my orthodontic experience a super positive one! Thanks team!” 

Emma J. , Your Content Goes Here

“We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wilde for my first visit. Dr. Wilde is incredibly sweet and she explained everything from start to finish so nothing hits you with a surprise. Everyone made me feel welcome.”

Squid, Your Content Goes Here