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Academic expertise and European training. Dr. Foley is truly unique in our area, because he has more than 13 years of experience as an academic orthodontist, having taught at the University of Dublin Trinity College, followed by 11 years at the University of Western Ontario. His extensive training and education enables him to provide his patients with truly individualized care that is designed to meet their needs.

Reputation for integrity and excellence. In Dr. Foley and Dr. Wilde’s practice, we are known for our brand of excellence. We are an outcome-oriented orthodontic practice and perform conservative treatments that fit our patients’ needs. We know that a beautiful smile is a healthy smile, and we emphasize oral health care as integral to the orthodontic process. Dentists all around London recognize a “Foley Smile!”

Warm and friendly atmosphere. Dr. Foley and Dr. Wilde take pride in each orthodontic treatment they provide, and they hire only the most experienced and well-trained staff. Our team truly cares about you and your family and will go the extra mile to make you feel at home and appreciated. Our warm reception area features a juice bar, chocolate cookies, and coffee and tea for adult patients and parents. Both Dr. Foley and Dr. Wilde love to chat and laugh with patients, and families love our fun atmosphere!

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