First week with bracesThe first week of having braces can be a big adjustment for patients, but as time goes on, dealing with your new orthodontics will become second nature. To make sure the first several days of having braces go smoothly, we’ve covered a few of the basics below to help keep you happy and healthy.

Pain is Beauty

Ok, this is not always true. But, when it comes to braces, it kind of is. Your braces are going to significantly improve how your teeth look, but your stellar smile may come with the price of a bit of discomfort. This is especially true during the first 3-5 days after you get your braces on. We recommend having some pain reliever on hand to reduce any soreness you may experience.

To help prevent your braces from rubbing against your cheeks, make sure you use your wax. Don’t wait until you have already rubbed a raw spot into your cheek: liberally apply wax right away to avoid soreness.

It’s OK to Feel a Bit Weird (And, Drooling is Cool?)

If we’re being honest, braces feel a bit foreign when your orthodontist puts them on your teeth. You’re likely going to be exploring your mouth’s new inhabitants with your tongue and adjusting to the unfamiliar feeling against your lips. This is perfectly normal, and you’ll adjust quickly and get back to talking and feeling normal before you know it!

The fact your mouth may treat your braces like food for the first few hours you have them doesn’t have the most pleasant result. You may notice you have excess saliva while your mouth adjusts to the newest addition to your oral habitat. But, don’t worry, this will only last a short period of time. So, just relax and maybe don’t hang out with the love of your life as soon as you get your braces on.

Eat Your Feelings – With Braces-Safe Foods

Hard candies and popcorn are all fun and games – until you get braces on. Then, it’s important to stick to soft foods for the first week or so after the procedure. To make sure you’re not stuck with day-old soup, it’s a good idea to stock up on soft foods you enjoy before you get your braces on. Some patient favourites include mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, smoothies and pasta.

Let Us Take Care of You – From Day One Until the Braces Are Gone!

At Foley Wilde Orthodontics our team wants to help make your experience with braces as pain and stress- free as possible. No matter what’s rubbing you the wrong way, reach out to us and we will keep you on a positive track towards the perfect smile.