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It’s no surprise that wearing braces takes some getting-used-to and may require a change in your oral health routine. A little more care and precaution should be considered to avoid damage to your appliances and to maintain your oral health. Whether you’re planning on having braces put on in the near future or are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, you may have an abundance of questions along the way.

The team at Foley Wilde Orthodontics have put together a collection of informative resources and information to better understand the many different orthodontic treatments for adults and teens as well as answers to common questions regarding braces and orthodontics. Learn about the various treatment options available, the differences between appliances, information about orthodontic retainers and what to expect when you start wearing braces.

Recent Blog Posts

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Ceramic Braces Vs. Traditional Braces: What’s The Difference?

Dependent on your orthodontic wants and needs, you may wish to explore the differences between traditional and ceramic braces to determine which one will suit you best. Ceramic braces are a much less visible alternative than [...]

  • What to Expect at Your First Orthodontic Appointment – Foley Wilde Orthodontics in London, ON

What to Expect at Your First Orthodontic Appointment

Getting braces is a big commitment, so it’s natural to feel a little nervous and to be wondering what you can expect at your first orthodontist appointment. We’re here to assure you, there’s nothing to worry about! Your [...]

  • How Long Do Retainers Last? Foley Wilde Orthodontics

How Long Do Orthodontic Retainers Last?

You are officially free from your braces, but now you need to acquaint yourself with a retainer, so you may be wondering how long your retainer will last and what length of time you’ll need to wear it [...]

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